Ekav / Education, Culture and Research Foundation is organizing the first exhibition of the new year with the exhibition “Horizons of Memory” consisting of the most recent works of past and present artist Bilge Alkor, who has made the picture of literature, poetry and music; between January 16th and February 24th at Ekavart Gallery, where art lovers come together.

The concept of memory for Bilge Alkor, in the 55th year of art; remember, not to keep in mind or to record. Memory is a much more emotional plane for her. Alkor’s interest in the “animalia” series from his first paintings on the following sequence is always focused on the imaginary realities of the imaginary, the human, the animal, the intermediate regions where the angel and the devil intersect. That is why you should not be surprised at the natural passage of forms, figures, and stains between themselves. For Alkor everything is alive without exception, everything is a heart.

Bilge Alkor’s work under the title “Horizons of Memory” also has a special significance in that it shows different periods of the artist. The Caliban trio, which came out of Shakespeare’s “Storm”, will share the same walls with the 2000 Aphrodite-Hephaistos duo, which they also build with massive spots. The engravings she produced in Italy during his time in Italy will be close to the patterns of recent years she has made with mixed technique on an obscure paper. Though the technique and material are varied, there is one thing that remains the same in Alkor: trying to find the forms of emotion tones. Alkor’s search for tonality is spread to all regions of memory; sometimes accompanied by literary characters, animals, creatures, and occasionally autobiographical motifs. It is always this percentage that the pictures, the voice, the poetry, and the music are going to be enchanted.