Painting everything from imagination and memory, acclaimed Welsh Artist Vivienne Williams prefers flattened perspective with simplified forms – likening her practice to that of working a seam, each painting leads onto the next, and with it a new discovery.

The astonishing textural effect achieved are the product of surfaces being energetically worked and reworked, scratched, sanded & stained until the painting finally comes together. This is interesting given the explicit calmness and tranquillity which her paintings exude. Throughout the whole process, though, Williams searches for an expression of joy, which is exactly what one feels when viewing her work.

Having been a full-time painter for almost 30 years, Vivienne Williams’ 2nd London solo exhibition with Thackeray Gallery comprises beautiful compositions of familiar still-life utensils – pots, bowls, jugs, flowers and fruit – alongside a fresh look at more abstract pursuits.