Nick Offer's exhibition at 5th Base Gallery presents his latest series of oil paintings, screen prints and mixed media works on canvas. Taking contemporary city and countryside landscapes as his subject matter, the artist manages to create optimistic, uplifting views of both, whilst retaining a certain sinister undercurrent.

As well as using traditional painting techniques, Offer creates compositions by collaging source material to use as the foundation for studio-based oil paintings. The structure of the final picture may be influenced as much by randomly applied paint as by reference to the collaged sketches, studies and photographs.

Nick Offer is a British artist living and working in London.

"I am interested in reconciling opposing elements in my pictures, usually involving figures. For example this may be figures in unexpected environments or involved in a confrontation. I put them on the canvas together and try to make them combine in an engaging way. When you get the right combination it creates an interesting resonance, this resonance is my incentive for making the work." - Nick Offer