The gallery is pleased to announce a group show of three upcoming artists of the French street art scene. This exhibition claims to show the variety of style and techniques existing in graffiti and introducing new talented artists to London’s public.

Jo Di Bona, Zenoy and Keymi are all three from the same generation and grew up in Paris or in the suburbs. They all have been influenced by the hip hop culture coming from the USA and started experimenting graffiti as an illegal hobby when they were barely 18. Covering trains, walls, or urban furniture with their identities. They left marks of their pseudonyms all over Paris with a spray. Reminding therefore their individuality and uniqueness, among an overpopulated city, trying to appropriate themselves the streets - common space that is everybody’s but nobody’s - a very existentialist matter.

None of them thought that it would lead them somewhere, yet here they are, having exhibitions and walls or frescoes project in Europeans cities, articles, and publications about their works.

All of them worked hard and had an artistic evolution that is now far from the original letters they were doing. From the three, Zenoy is the one that kept graffiti the most “traditional” declining his signature on diverse medium. Using the dripping, the spray and the stencil as graffiti purists.

Jo di Bona’s collage sits on the top of a graffiti base, where letters, colours and stencils are used to create an almost abstract background. Influenced by pop art, Jo Di Bona developed an in-between style where graffiti and photographs of his icons are mixing.

Keymi is making figurative paintings using aerographs and spray. He is most of the time staging pin up or comics characters. When not painting on the walls, he is painting on the top of polystyrene cut out like a jigsaw that he covers with a shiny resin: very incongruous and dissymmetric shape for an artwork hanged on our walls, but so fresh!

For the gallery’s and collectors, the three artists are changing of medium, abandoning the walls to work on canvas, objects (mailbox) or even polystyrene. This ability to adjust to any type of places or medium and reinvent itself at every occasion as a new challenge, is a good demonstration of this indelible art and personalities!

Jo di Bona was born in 1976 in Paris. He lives and works in Paris (France). New emblematic face of the Parisian street art scene, Jo Di Bona owes his dazzling success to the unique technique he invented himself: pop graffiti. Rewarded in 2014 with the prestigious “1st Prize of Graffiti” from the EDF Foundation, Jo di Bona has since produced many international exhibits, performances, and murals. To be noted are his murals on display at the Museum of Immigration in Paris (France), and at the Loures Arte Publica in Lisbon (Portugal).

Zenoy was born in 1974 in Paris. He lives and works in Paris (France). It all started when he was just 14, interested to find out more about the graffiti tagging, a unique signature style. Today, he is considered as an heir to the writing technique born in Philadelphia in the late 1960s. From the very beginning, Zenoy showed remarkable drawing skills, tagging his first signature “Awaysun” on school benches, walls of Parisian suburbs, trains, and posters.

Keymi was born in Paris in 1973. He lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand (France). (Mickey in slang) started to paint in 1990. He grew up during the hip hop trend and made his first fresco using spray in 1992. After his studies in history of art in Clermont Ferrand University, he experimented new techniques like aerographs, watercolor or acrylic paintings. Those new mediums made his artworks richer and gave him a new visual identity very different from the traditional graffiti.