Following her sell-out 2016 show, Thackeray Gallery is delighted to present British artist Christine McArthur and her latest collection of work entitled ‘Kitchen Stories & Garden Notes’.

Bold and bright, this collection’s subject matter varies across still-life and flora, showing Christine’s natural ability of capturing the essence of her subjects with her now identifiable abstraction. Choosing subjects from the everyday, they can be shaped by anything that makes her laugh, cry, and think.

For Christine, each painting leads on to the next, as she often paints on more than one canvas at a time. This flow between works has been essential in creating this new body of outstanding mixed-media paintings.

Christine believes that a good idea does not necessitate a good painting. In fact, pre- conceived ideas can inhibit the process for her, preferring to see where the painting leads. When painting, it’s a different world with different rules; it’s a world of colour, form, shape, tone, texture and instincts. She believes that to reach this world, one must forget about the practical things in life that are distracting. Her ethos? Don’t stop and look. Just paint.