Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents the solo show of Katerina Kotsala entitled Sisyphus. The artist approaches the myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus with her own paradox abstract way. In her practice she includes painting, installation and sculpture.

The art historian, art critic, curator and artist Alexios Papazacharias mentions on his exhibition article: "...You can see through them, the light continues to travel even if it has been altered enough or sometimes so much that the one side of the border is radically different from the other. As different as the upper and the lower world in the myth of Sisyphus, the mythological hero with whom the light in the artworks of Katerina Kotsala seem to share two common points. On the one hand, the path that starts from the same source (from the light) and ends with its imprinting on the canvases (the top of the high mountain of Sisyphus where the rock is going up with great effort, only to plunge into the depths of Hades). On the other hand the cold colors, which despite their charm constantly undermine the concept of "happiness"... "

The artist Peter Linde Busk with his poetic approach writes for Kotsala's work: "...Katerina’s paintings are obviously beautiful but there is a lot more to them than that, the lingering melancholia in the blueish purple, strikes a more sinister, dark tone when you get closer to the paintings. There is actually something quite disturbing about these paintings, a bit like a Lars von Trier film, where the darkness slowly reveals itself onto the surface, and so when you go closer and look at the myriads of patterns and designs, you think, what is this? They could be read as beautiful crystals, but they could just as easily be read as cancerous cells or an aerial view on a bombed out city. This not only challenges my sense of space and perspective but also imbues the paintings with the eternal paradox between beauty and horror, growth and decay, life and death. Moving around the exhibition I am not sure if the landscape is inviting or terrifying but that keeps me on my toes. Step carefully. There is a darkness below the surface, there is a current beneath the calm sea, we are in a world created by Katerina and the beauty and the terror are equally compelling."