AFA Gallery is proud to present: Collision of Gray Matter, an exhibition of etchings by Salvador Dalí, drawings by Michael Alan, and sculptures by Crystal Wagner. Through a shared visual language of line, color, and movement, the work of these three artists demonstrates the various implementations of intuitive art-making. 20th century surrealist icon, Salvador Dalí, took a sys- tematic approach to working intuitively.

As a result of his fascination with Sigmund Freud and the significance of the subconscious, Dalí developed techniques to delib- erately access his dreams in order to facilitate creative, free-flowing associations between ideas. By harnessing the expressive, spontaneous nature of his dreams, Dalí was able to create the uncanny imagery he is revered for today.

Brooklyn-based artist, Michael Alan, creates his intricate line drawings using an intuitive process of translating en- ergy into images. Alan’s line work is both intentional and chaotic, creating physical records of the intangible es- sence of his subjects.

Contemporary artist, Crystal Wagner, uses intuition to organically construct her biomorphic paper sculptures, piece by piece. When Wagner creates a large-scale site-specific work, she allows the space to dictate the flow and form that her installation will take. While even more abstract than the work of Dalí and Alan, Wagner’s sculp- tures express the same sense of movement through the use of dynamic, instinctual lines and forms.