Galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris | Miami | London), in partnership with Galerie Artima, is glad to announce an exhibition with the work of renowned British artist Jonathan Huxley, featuring his paintings, an installation, and an evening of live drawing.

The most distinctive characteristic of Huxley’s work is his unique skill in capturing fluidity and movement on static canvas. He is concerned primarily with the human figure – a potent signifier of undulating motion and flux – which he explores in series such as his “figurescapes”, a distinctive collection of paintings wherein individual figures are composed in deliberately geometrical patterns such that they seem to represent pure rhythm and movement in the frozen scene. Huxley’s colour palette is similarly considered and technically accomplished, perhaps due to his theoretical and academic grounding in classical art traditions.

Alongside a range of his paintings, the exhibition will also display a memory work installation by Huxley titled “A Boy’s Own Story”: a sculpture which evokes rich personal significance in its conceptualisation, and fascinating inventiveness in its creation. The artist use ultraviolet light and fluorescent paint on a paper mobile hanged in a black box. The air will create a movement around the spectator, making appear and disappear the shapes of the drawings floating in the dark space. The installation is dynamic in relation to its environment – a true testament to the skill of the artist.

The exhibition will also feature Huxley perform live drawing, a tradition which he has made uniquely his own in the recent past with his exquisite paintings on the pavements of public spaces such as Trafalgar Square and Westminster - that has been recently related in the Evening Standard (cf article page 2). The opportunity to witness first-hand the creative and material process of Huxley’s art will doubtless be an unmissable and gratifying experience.

In the unique finesse of his art, its deeply personal identity, and its measured simplicity, Jonathan Huxley has had an artistic oeuvre that is immediately consistent, coherent, and compelling.

Jonathan Huxley was born in 1965, graduated from the Royal Academy of the Arts, and currently lives and works in London. He is a member of the Royal Watercolour Society. He is represented by galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris |Miami | Londres).