A biannual outdoor sculptural project commissioned by Agensys Inc., installed at the company's headquarters adjacent to Santa Monica's Bergamot Station. Currently on view to the public, featuring works by Lynn Aldrich, Jeremy Kidd, Bertil Petersson, and Pontus Willfors.

Sculptor Lynn Aldrich transforms unassuming everyday objects into impressive sculptural compositions. Using found materials culled from hardware stores, Aldrich investigates the excessive consumption of our disposable culture while poetically drawing attention to ecological and environmental concerns.

Photographer and sculptor Jeremy Kidd creates three-dimensional amalgams of photography and sculpture. Using sophisticated digital long-exposure landscape imagery, he fuses these shots with minimal sculptural forms to conflate the pictorial with the object.

Bertil Petersson creates dynamic large-format steel sculpture. His minimal compositions invoke both Modernist and Constructivist tenets as well as philosophical considerations of time and space. Elegant and playful, they create the illusion of weightlessness in spite of the heaviness of their materials.

Pontus Willfors' sculptures combine references to the natural and man-made worlds. Working predominantly in wood or metal, Willfors juxtaposes the constructed world with that of the organic. Staging material oppositions to investigate the relationship between the functional and the formal, the artist combines counterintuitive impulses to disrupt our object-based expectations.