The prix HSBC pour la photographie has the pleasure to start the 2018 travelling exhibition at the Clémentine de la Féronnière gallery to exhibit Antoine Bruy & Petros Efstathiadis, 2018 laureates and Olivia Gay, Prix Joy Henderiks, chosen among 12 photographers proposed by Raphaëlle Stopin, artistic advisor.

Raphaëlle Stopin comments the work to the two laureates: "Antoine Bruy's subject, geographically confined to specific territories, is treated with all the rigour of the genre. Portraits and landscapes adopt the same voice to relate how, on these scraps of land, people have woven artefacts and natural elements into a strangely homogeneous material".

"The work of Petros Efstathiadis has its roots in this practice of mise-en-scène. At first glance it is bizarre, then sometimes, funny, occasionally tragicomic, but always intoxicating in its visual inventiveness (...)He addresses us from where he grew up, namely Northern Greece, near Macedonia. "