Jealous is proud to present ‘Stranger Danger’, a show that brings together, for the first time, the works of Swedish artist Joakim Allgulander and Dublin-based artist John Slade.

Multi-disciplinary artist Joakim Allgulander will show five new painPngs, further exploring monochromatic surfaces depicting close up scenes from nature, which become almost abstracted in their close study. Using a myriad of materials, such as spray paint or metallic liquids, the works are quiet and peaceful while conveying a sense of energy and life. Alongside the painPngs, Allgulander will present Burned (2007) an installation of a classic sun chair where the seat is made in red neon; it’s hot, electric and high voltage.

John Slade’s will also present a wide scope of his practice, showing multimedia works on paper and canvas in materials including oil paint, charcoal, inks and pastels .

Pieces include Slade’s recent letterpress works, featuring multiple gradients with handpainted brand logos; ‘I’m lovin’ it’ (2018) appears to resemble McDonald’s logo, distorted through the application directly from Slade’s memory. While the charcoal works are delicately worked, they depict uncomfortable moments, sharing a narrative with a dark twist and giving the viewer a sense of unease.

The exhibition, curated by Jealous, features new bodies of works from the two artists, whose works will be shown side by side for the first time.

Joakim Allgulander is a Swedish artist born in Stockholm who lives and works in London. Allgulander studied at the National College of the Arts and Crabs in Stockholm.

The work of Joakim Allgulander is characterised by a conceptual base, combined with the skill of crab and a love of the practical process. His work demonstrates a curiosity and desire to explore different media and techniques.

There’s existential content and a dynamic play with contrasts throughout Allgulander’s work; everything from natural and artificial, new and old, to more archetypical opposites such as light and darkness, and life and death.

Bubble (2011), a neon piece by Allgulander was also featured on the BBC television show The ApprenPce. His work is shown internationally and has been featured in shows at Art Central Hong Kong, London Art Fair and Scope Basel. He has been commissioned to create public works including a neon sign created for Visby Harbour in the region of Gotland, Sweden.

John Slade is an artist, illustrator and designer currently working in Dublin, Ireland. He also lectures at the National College of Art and Design.

Slade’s pracPce is concerned with the practical application of technique. His drawing, printing and painPng processes, compositionally balance symbolism and mark-making, and are informed by "personal research gathered from a wide variety of sources, visual, written, heard, everything".

He established H.Y.T, an award winning illustration and graphic design studio, in 2009 as an avenue for more commercial work. Selected clients include; Lazy Oaf, Asos, Nike, ICA, Tate Modern, LeCool, Beach London, Natural History Museum and Channel 4.

Slade also works closely with fashion labels, providing graphics and illustrations for garment and accessory based applications which are distributed and sold globally. Slade’s designs and illustrations have been printed in various publications, seen on multiple blogs and sold in shops all over the world as well as being exhibited in London and Japan.

Publications featuring his work include; Faesthetic, Pavement Licker, For Love and Money and It’s Nice That.