Panopticon Gallery welcomes warmer weather with our spring exhibition, In the Garden. From expansive grounds to small urban plots, gardens give us serenity, recreation, and sustenance.

They are places of wild growth, but also places of control and cultivation. For centuries, the symbolism and tradition of gardens have inspired writers, scientists, and artists alike. This group exhibition features photographs by Christine Collins, Beth Dow, John Grant, Brenton Hamilton, Cig Harvey, David Graham White, Wendi Schneider, and Joshua White; each inspired by the subject matter of, in, and from gardens both public and private.

Finding inspiration in his own backyard, Joshua White’s small-scale photographs of the flora found around his home line the gallery walls like the delicate specimens they depict. Boston-based photographer Christine Collins documents the backyards of New England’s beekeepers, showing the garden as a place of work. In her lush, colorful photographs, Cig Harvey presents whimsical glimpses into daily gardening tasks.

David Graham White takes interest in the off-season, creating a typology of dormant trees shrouded in burlap for the winter. Strolling through English and Italian public gardens, Beth Dow’s platinum photographs have a quiet, meditative quality with compositions as formal as the gardens that she photographs.