Cecilia de Torres, Ltd. is pleased to announce a solo multi-media exhibition of Venezuelan artist Juan Iribarren’s most recent work.

“Walls, Windows, and Nocturnes,” brings forth the interrelation between Iribarren’s latest paintings, photographs, and drawings, in an exhibition whose title encapsulates the main formal elements present in the artist’s creative process: light, color, atmosphere, and time.

Iribarren’s most recent work reveals an ever-present contradictory synthesis between the geometric, the luminous, and the atmospheric. The artist’s systematic and technical process of painting captures the changing tones and hues of color and light on his studio walls, recording atmospheric compositions. At the same time, his highly gestural and layered brushstrokes bring forth geometric formulations.

At the core of these geometricized lattices are the artist’s drawings. Structural, foundational, and monochromatic, they reveal the underlying frameworks concealed beneath the oils on linen. Iribarren’s photographs also capture this subtle form of perceptual abstraction by pushing the tension between atmospheric representation and geometry even further.