Fisher Parrish Gallery is pleased to present "In My Dreams", a group exhibition curated by artist Aria McManus including works by Al Baio, Ida Badal, Pippa Garner, Tyler Healy, Priscilla Jeong, Hannah Kuo, Alexandra Marzella, Aria McManus, Corey Rubin, Cecilia Salama, Lele Saveri, Raine Trainor, Chloe Wise, and Sarah Zapata.

Last night I had another dream, I have been recording my dreams for a few months now, and in this dream I dreamed I curated a show with a bunch of different people that had been in all my previous dreams, we were all at Fisher Parrish Gallery but somehow it looked like my childhood room. On one wall was a painting Ida Badal made, it was a painting it looked like a crater but somehow if you looked at it in a different way you saw something else. Raine had a piece that you could wear that would ‘toss your salad’ while you jumped on a trampoline. Tyler Healy had a piece in the show that was a sign post but just had a date on it, the date was sometime the future. Sarah Zapata was in the show too and she was showing this blue vessel it looked soft but had a specific round structure. Al Baio was there from Tokyo she had a dog painting in the show but it wasn’t exactly a dog it was also flowers all mixed together with bright colors. Someone announced I had firefighter unicorns in the show and I wasn’t actually sure what it was but then I saw it was a helmet with a hose coming off the head piece. Cecilia Salama had this platform shoe heel it was printed on a sheet but then it had hoop earrings hanging down almost like like a spiral notebook but they were all little earrings pierced into the sheet.

I could hear all my dream recordings were playing over speakers in the space, and there was a photo of something that was in a different dream of unicorn firefighters. Then there were more people in the show, Hannah Kuo was showing a photo of a mountain but you couldn’t really tell it was a mountain because it was covered in clouds. There was another wall with paintings by Corey Rubin, it was a set of shades of black paintings hung on the wall some were shiny some looked like you could look through them. Chloe Wise had a piece in the show that looked like it was an oversized martini glass filled with pasta and a slice of cantaloupe. In another area Pippa Garner did something I’m not sure it was a shirt she made or a photo she took. Priscilla Jeong and Lele Saveri were also in the show, Priscilla had a large clear cube encasing a metal item the size of a pocket knife but wasn’t a pocket knife. Lele had a printed paper poster that was a black and white photograph of a protester. Alexandra Marzella also had this glass pane leaning against a wall and then a video was playing on a phone next to it. Then I woke up.

Al Baio (b. 1986, New York, NY) currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. She has exhibited her work primarily in the United States and in Japan including Martos Gallery in New York and Bodega in Philadelphia.

Ida Badal (b.1988, San Diego, CA) Ida Badal was born in New York and is currently living and working in San Diego, California. She studied at Copper Union School of Art graduating in 2013 receiving a BFA. Badal works primarily in the mediums of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Pippa Garner, (b. 1942, Evanston, IL ) is an artist and author known for making parody forms of consumer products as well as custom bicycles and automobiles. Notable publications written by Garner include “The Better Living Catalog and Utopia—or Bust! Products for the Perfect World”. Pippa Garner began her career in the 1970s in Los Angeles as a performance artist. In the 1980s, Pippa began her transition to a different gender as part of what she considered an "art project to create disorientation in my position in society, and sort of balk any possibility of ever falling into a stereotype again." As Philip Garner, she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, the Merv Griffin Show and other talk shows showcasing her satirical consumer product "inventions", and her art has appeared in Car & Driver, Rolling Stone, Arts & Architecture and Vogue, among other publications.

Tyler Healy (b. 1989, Bellport, NY) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in New York. Healy layers concepts around a personal and interdisciplinary vernacular. Healy has exhibited extensively at various galleries including AA|LA (Los Angeles), MAGIC (New York), TEMP Art Space (New York City), Ed Varie (New York City), Auto Body (Bellport), Museum Dhodt-Dhaenens (Belgium), and South Florida Art Center (Miami).

Priscilla Jeong (b. 1990, Bryan, TX) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She exhibited in solo exhibitions at Interstate Projects and 139 Essex St in New York and participated in group exhibitions at Fisher Parrish Gallery, Rzeplinski, Signal Gallery, Interstate Projects and Auto Body in New York, and Sunset Drive Gallery (Miami) and Platform Gallery (Baltimore). She has been awarded fellowships and residencies at VCU Summer Studio Program (Virginia), Ontopo Residency (Mexico), and Brooklyn Glass Workshop Fellowship (New York).

Hannah Kuo (b. 1988, Taipei, Taiwan) currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She received Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from Parsons School of Design and is the owner, agent, and producer, of Lucky88, an agency which represents emerging photographers.

Alexandra Marzella (b. 1991, North Kingstown, RI) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited at Auto Body, Art Basel, MX Gallery (New York).

Aria McManus (b. 1989, St. Paul, MN) is an artist based in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in various solo and group shows, including at 99¢ Plus Gallery, Fisher Parrish, Muddgutts, the New Museum (all New York), Ed Varie (Los Angeles), Sunset Drive Gallery (Miami), Biennale Internationale Design (Saint-Etienne, France) and AA|LA Gallery (Los Angeles). Aria is a founding member of Auto Body, a curatorial collective based in Bellport, Long Island.

Corey Rubin (b. 1991, Washington D.C.) lives and works in New York City. He has shown at 99¢ Plus Gallery and 3434 Gallery and Auto Body in New York.

Cecilia Salama (b. 1990 London, UK) lives and works in New York City. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Brown University in 2012. She has shown both nationally and internationally with solo shows and group exhibitions at AALA Gallery and Ed. Varie in Los Angeles, LVL3 Gallery, 315 Gallery , The Java Projects, Good Work Gallery, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, 99¢ Plus Gallery, and Regina Rex in New York, and Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery in Berlin to name a few.

Lele Saveri (b. 1980, Rome, Italy) lives in New York City where he works as an high school art teacher, a photographer and runs the art non-profit organization 8-Ball Community. He ran the now-closed gallery and project space Muddguts and is also the man behind the The Newsstand, an underground bookstore inside the Lorimer/Metropolitan MTA subway station, which was part of the New Photography 2015 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art from November 2015 until March 2016. His work has been exhibited in various museum and galleries around the world, including Foam Amsterdam, Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris and Galleria Viasaterna in Milan.

Raine Trainor (b. 1990, Fort Worth, TX) Lives and works in New York City, She has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions including at ignal, Fisher Parrish Gallery, Sunset Drive Gallery, and Auto Body. She is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Chloe Wise (b. 1990, Montreal, Canada) is a Canadian artist living and working in New York. Solo presentations have been held at Almine Rech (Paris), Retrospective Gallery (New York), Division Gallery (Toronto and Montreal), and Galerie Sébastian Bertrand (Geneva). Her work has been presented at the AGO (Toronto), Hydra School House Projects (Greece), Eric Firestone Gallery (Hamptons), Atlanta Contemporary (Atlanta) and was featured in Unrealism, presented by Jeffrey Deitch and Larry Gagosian in Miami. An artist monograph was published fall of 2016.

Sarah Zapata (b. 1988. Corpus Christi, TX) received her BFA from University of North Texas in 2011. Zapata has held one-person exhibitions with the Museum of Arts and Design, El Museo del Barrio and Deli Gallery in New York. She has also shown her work in group exhibitions nationally including the New Museum, LAXArt, Wave Hill, Sunset Drive Gallery, Auto-Body, and 321 Gallery. She has participated in residencies at MASS MoCA, AZ West in Joshua Tree, Museum of Arts and Design, Wave Hill, and Los Talleres in San Miguel de Allende, MX. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.