LMAKgallery is pleased to present David B Smith’s first solo exhibition in the Courtyard, Under the Surface. The installation will consist of soft sculptures hung above and around the viewer, made from digital photo banners recycled from Smith’s previous work at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY. This organic system of interweaving sculptures is a kind of three-dimensional collage – with floating bits of digital and photographic information to be continuously reinterpreted by the viewer.

Each hanging element will be attached by clips and periodically altered by the artist, giving the environment a sense of improvised flow much like an ever-changing oceanic or web-like virtual world. The viewer is invited to maneuver through this microcosm as a way to sense their inclusion in the natural world, the cityscape and digital space, breaking down the barrier between the body and its surrounding environment. An immersive experience, each piece is a fragment of meaning, composed of photographs cut and manipulated through Smith’s own open ended system of repurposing images, thereby rendering a multitude of possible meanings, narratives, and perceptions.

Curated events will take place within the installation, including a performance where Smith will make hypnotic and ambient music reminiscent of a sci-fi soundtrack by looping and layering guitar, percussion and his voice to create a dissonant yet warm and reflective space. In addition, events with chefs, poets, dancers and others will continue the exploration of fluidity and interconnectivity through taste, sound, language and movement, allowing space for participants to inhabit the installation as its architecture and energy is activated in various ways.