The works of the Belgian duo Skawager have the charm of ancients Wunderkammer, when travelers, explorers, or so called ones, were presenting to the World all the wonders discovered during their journeys. Trophies of encounters with the most incredible creatures.

Truly, the delicate combination between taxidermy, painting, sculpture and graphics in Skawager’s work has not only the goal of wonder the viewer, but mostly to push toward reflections on ecological and environmental issues.

The animals used in their compositions are death for natural causes. Through Skawager’s work they undergo a metamorphosis: by transforming into artworks they gain a second life, as such.

In our Project Room, from 13th April to 27th May 2018, we present their series “Mater Natura”, where catholic iconographies are combined with animal’s organs and bones, to underline the inner sacrality of the whole nature, and our indissoluble bond to it. Science, mystic, art and nature are drawn together in bio-assemblages. By the new powers obtained with the incredible scientific progresses we witnessed in the last few decades, we triggered such radical changes, environmental and philosophical, that the risks of mistaken ourselves with some sort divine force is high. Now we can destroy our life support systems, or we can move toward a hope-filled future of immeasurable possibilities. Quoting Barbara Max-Hubbard the choice is ours. Skawager’s project is sending out a strong input in order to awake consciousness about Nature, environment, souls and their sacrality. A hymn to life.