Romer Young Gallery is pleased to present its fourth solo exhibition with artist Kirk Stoller, the Color ran from his face. There will be an opening reception for the artist on Friday, April 27th, 6-9pm.

Using minimal color, Stoller distills the essence of the work down to its structure and its form. While traditionally the artist has used color as an emotional implicator to invite psychological, emotional and speculative engagements with the viewer, this time around he has chosen a muted, monochrome palette. By neutralizing the spectrum, Stoller minimizes the distractions and interpretations thus allowing for an experience with the larger gestalt. In these subtle and understated sculptures, line creates form and structure provides support; together they offer the basis for the visible shape of things. Decidedly non-representational, Stoller's work is "broad enough for all viewers to be able to create their own unique relationships with each piece. Following this strategy has helped him make pieces spare enough - like poetry, in a way - to talk softly and carry a big stick." (Maria Porges)

Kirk Stoller lives and works in San Francisco and Brooklyn. He received his BA in French Language from Portland State and his MFA from UC Berkeley. Stoller's work has been exhibited at the Mary Ryan Gallery and Leslie Heller Gallery, New York, Storefront BushwickGallery and GRIDSPACE, Brooklyn, The Property, Los Angeles as well as Galerie Axel Obiger in Berlin. Stoller was an Edward Albee Foundation Fellow. He was also awarded the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Studio Residency, NY, the MacDowell Art Colony Residency, NH, the Willapa Bay Artist Residency, WA and this fall, the Golden Foundation Residency. Stoller was a studio resident at the Headlands Center for the Arts.