SNOW Contemporary presents Hino Korehiko`s solo exhibition “Outward” from 12th March 2018 to 9th June. Born in Wajima city Ishikawa prefecture in 1976 and completing the Master Course in Painting at University of Tsukuba in 2001, Korehiko Hino became famous with his unique portraits at the time when he was honored with the VOCA prize in 2005.

After the winning, he is trying to create works like landscape paintings, drawings, watercolor paintings,drawings with colored pencils, mixed medias and objects like bronze statues, except for his iconic portraits, and developing his own creative world. “Heso kara ueno Hanshin” 2015 bronze “Kuchi kara Mizu”2016 canvas, oil painting “Senaka ni Hatoi”2016 canvas, oil paintings

The most remarkable point of the portraits Hino draws is the absence of features, such as his or her pose, wearings or expressions, which we need to understand their personalities. According to Hino, he has cared about how to eliminate meanings. Then he eventually prevents viewers from considering painted characters intention by widening the characters pupils, let them wear white briefs to exclude viewers sexual association and sets them up for infants not to be backgrounded by their eras, social statuses or ages.”To visualize, amorphous thing, minds of people, I paint to divide bodies and consciousness”(from Korehiko Hinos text ” Korehiko Hino”(2011)).Then his paintings results to represent singular characters with loose mien and body frame like infants. Viewers are made to seek their own position individually and weave their own stories.

This time we put title ”Outward” on the exhibition, we added theatrical factors intentionally to let viewers imagine that Hino who had eliminated narrative background from his portraits changed to setup situation with leading his character from his own room to outside. We anticipate viewers to find the characters wear different moods from what they wore before, when they move out. We all want you to enjoy Hino`s new view of humans.