The Paolo Erbetta Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition titled “Cyclorama” by the young French artist, Laure Catugier (Toulouse, France 1982 – she currently lives and works in Berlin). Laure Catugier first studied architecture at the l’École d’Architecture de Toulouse before embarking on her second degree in fine arts at the Fine Arts school of Toulouse, France (Beaux-Arts de Toulouse). Despite having only recently decided to focus primarily on artistic projects, Catugier has already developed a strong and mature style.

The title “Cyclorama” is derived from panoramas, which were particularly popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Panoramas were set in circular rooms where the walls would provide a 360 degree unbroken view of a whole region which surrounded the observer. This concept is perfectly suited to Catugier’s work, particularly her works on cities, buildings and architecture.

Each element – every window, balcony, door or view – embodies an illusion of social homogeny and categorisation; the artist uses these elements to imagine and present new interpretations, forms of rebellion and empty spaces. Every man-made structure makes up part of the stage in the “theatre of life”. Aside from clarity and minimalism underlying the linear and basic geometric forms, a strong emotional tension is nevertheless evident in Catugier’s work. Closed windows indicate a retreat from the outside world and offer a respite or pause; the shutters function as a stage curtain behind which “actors” can take a break from the performance; ghost windows are also present, and although they do not exist, they enable the viewer to reflect and feel their absence. Catugier explores social values and cultural trends in the architecture and designs inherent in our world. Her works provide a starting point in order to reflect on possible visions of life, which can be imagined by the artist and viewer alike. For Catugier, imagination is the only escape from reality.

The artist wanders around Berlin and the world with a camera in her hand – these walks encapsulate the essence of a true goethian “Wanderung”. Catugier’s works consist of glimpses and everyday objects; few people take the time to really observe such everyday objects as they are completely absorbed in their roles of day-to-day lives. The artist provides us with a new view of the world, one that pays more attention to the daily scenarios that take place around us. Bearing this in mind, Catugier’s works never portray people directly; rather they show their reflection, their trace.

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