Hespe Gallery presents new works in resin by Eric Zener beginning June 4 through 29, 2013. A reception will be held on Thursday, June 6, 2013 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Eric Zener’s work explores the essence of a baptismal surround; the figures suspended in cerulean abstraction, effervescent bubbles cutting through the viridian abyss. For the viewer, these works express the true sensation of immersion as both a physical, mental, and spiritual experience. Surrounding oneself with water has a palliative effect on mind and spirit, and Zener has explored that restorative relationship for over fifteen years. The water’s ability to caress and uplift the human body has fascinated him; the psychological effects that buoyancy offers have provided Zener with great inspiration and clarity.

In working with resin, Zener accomplishes what he cannot with his oil paintings, as he is able to create a fantasy for the viewer. Looking into the luminous images, it is easy to imagine yourself inside the liquid, dancing within the refracted light. The works are created starting with gold or silver leaf on panel with the image built atop using both resin and photo transfer. He then alternates between resin and lithographic ink, which handles like oil paint. The layering process adds to the richness of his underwater scenes, giving the artistic plane incredibledepth of color and composition. Light itself works to heighten the naturalism of the scenes, drawing the viewer in with the breathtaking accuracy of sensation. The mixed media works become an important part of his process, allowing his source images to float within the resin.

Founded in 1993 by Charles Hespe, Hespe Gallery, 251 Post Street, Suite 420, San Francisco, has hosted over one hundred fifty exhibitions. The gallery emphasis is on representational work created by mid-career artists.