La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present new works by artist Jasmine Worth. This will mark the artist's fifth exhibition with the gallery. The artist describes her work " My latest work continues to flesh out women as multifaceted and complete beings. Too often, art and literature place females in the impossible roles of saint or sinner. In my work, I seek to continue the efforts to tear down the tired, patriarchal trope of the virgin/whore complex. To achieve this, I employ the use of traditional representations of women juxtaposed with both the sacred feminine and the mundane.

By putting the focus on the preconceived ideas of the female ideals, the viewer is confronted with his or her prejudices and how to reconcile the two. The false dichotomies of predator/prey and master/subordinate have led to the continuing destruction of the earth. In my work, I envision the path beyond these frameworks and depict wholeness. The viewer should be able to acknowledge the idiosyncratic nature of humans, that no one person is one role. The relationship between humankind and nature plays a vital role in my work, as it is both in flux and pivotal for understanding the importance of the whole.”

Jasmine Worth is a contemporary painter who creates depictions of the symbolic and surreal using techniques and imagery of classical painting. Worth draws on personal experiences that parallel the more significant cultural background, the subconscious being a gateway for commentary on the world around her. The seamless blending of the iconic with the visceral blurs the line between what is sacred and what is profane. Jasmine earned her BFA from the Laguna College of Art and Design. She currently lives and works in San Diego, CA.