Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art is pleased to present Selfless, a group exhibition exploring portraiture through photography and video. Featured artists include Daniel Arnold, Elizabeth Huey, Senalka McDonald, Davida Nemeroff, and Laura Swanson.

The photos and videos of this exhibition address the nature of what is revealed about a person, or persons, through various forms of portraiture; specifically the crossroads between self-portraits - constructed images in which the subject as artist defines how they are presented; unplanned covert portraits - others off-guard in their everyday environments and manner; and constructed portraits of others. Each method offers an entirely different approach toward creating an impression of the person as subject, ranging from artifice to ingenuousness.

Founded in 2005, Wolfe Contemporary is dedicated to the principle of exposition in visual art. Accordingly, our curatorial mission is to provide epiphanic visual experiences that compel audiences to adopt new modes of observing, processing, and decoding visual information. Our hope is that these experiences eventually become a permanent part of how viewers perceive and respond to the world around them. We take great pride in having mounted the "first-ever" shows of several established and emerging artists from across the US, Europe, South America and China in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The gallery's artists have garnered critical praise in local and national publications and media, including art ltd, Artweek, KQED Public Television, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, S.F. Weekly, S.F. Bay Guardian, Flash Art, and Village Voice, and have exhibited at the Oakland Museum, the Civic Gallery of Milan, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and numerous other venues.

Wolfe Contemporary was the subject of the 2009 PBS Documentary "Seeking Art in Shanghai," which followed a scouting trip to China and subsequent group exhibition at the gallery in San Francisco.