Meet some of the most important organisms on the planet: plankton! They’re tiny, unimaginably numerous, and absolutely vital to life on Earth—including yours. And find out how researchers are studying plankton using swarms of mini autonomous undewater explorers (mini-AUEs).

Enter a sensory world very different from what you see on land. Diving at night, with specialized lights and cameras, researchers have revealed that many undersea animals are fluorescent—glowing in startling shades of red, orange, and green.

Earth’s oceans are home to giant animals—but we know surprisingly little about their lives. Meet some of the ocean’s biggest residents, past and present—and some of the experts who are getting to know them.

Dive in to discover dramatic undersea landscapes and the extraordinary organisms that inhabit them. Find out how scientists are developing unique “stealth” technologies to make sure humans can observe here without disrupting.

The ocean may seem uniform to us land-dwellers, but it contains many distinct habitats. This immersive theater presentation takes viewers on a vertical journey through marine environments at different depths. See a scale model Triton submersible to find out what it's like inside!

We see an ocean that teems with life. But what does abundance mean when more and more humans rely on the ocean for sustenance? Discover today’s greatest threats to the ocean’s vital abundance, and some potential solutions.