Step into the dreamlike animated worlds of Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, with objects, music and moving images, where playfully told fables hold both humour and darkness and override the moral laws of gravity. Nathalie Djurberg’s vibrant stop-motion animations and sculpture groups accompanied by Hans Berg’s electronic music form scenic installations in a surrealist vein. These intense chamber pieces enact fragments of memories repressed between innocence and shame, or feverish daydreams of role play and desire. The shadowy landscapes, sealed rooms and harshly-lit scenes of their films are inhabited by a group of possessed figures seemingly intent on devouring one another. The exhibition describes an inner voyage, an attempt to make existence more understandable in a flow of impulses and impressions.

The presentation at Moderna Museet is their first major exhibition in Sweden and features a few of their most important spatial installations, including The Experiment (2009) and The Parade (2011), along with entirely new works.

Nathalie Djurberg (born 1978 in Lysekil) and Hans Berg (born 1978 in Rättvik) are based in Berlin. Over the past decade, they have risen to prominence on the international art scene, exhibiting in contexts such as the Venice Biennale, The New Museum, New York, and 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai.