An exhibition «Perfect age» is devoted to the crisis experience of age in the modern world and the comprehension of this phenomenon in the Russian art of the XX-XXI centuries. It consists of two self-sufficient and complementary parts, which are presented on different venues — in the MMOMA Educational Centerand in the AZ Museum.

Both of these metropolitan museums, located within walking distance of each other and united not only by interest in Russian art of the second half of the 20th century, that reflected in the nature of their extensive collections but also by the openness to modern visual culture. The AZ Museum, which central task is the preservation, study and actualization of the heritage of Anatoly Zverev and other artists of the sixties, marks this year its third anniversary. Always paying special attention to innovative methods of presentation, the museum for the first time takes part in the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art.

In the MMOMA Educational Centerwill be the basis of the exposition, which represent the classic topos of «three ages» and consists of the museum collection works, as well as the projects of some invited artists of the younger generation. This part will cover more general social and psychological topics (the cult of youth, the beauty industry, the frustration of growing up and aging, ageism) and the age aspects of artistic creativity (early and late style, the format of the «young art», the mid-career artist).

For the AZ Museum three site-specific installations will be created and located in unexpected secret zones: in the inner courtyard, on the back facade of the museum building and in the virtual space of the «Augmented Reality». Related to Zverev’s poetics, together they will form a utopian image of a beautiful mysterious garden or paradise — a place where time and age seemingly lose their power.

Participants of the exhibition at the Educational Center MMOMA: Ekaterina Anokhina, Ilmira Bolotyan, Katya Isaeva, Polina Kanis, Egor Rogalev, Alexey Grigoriev, Timur Novikov, Arkady Plastov, Maria Safronova, Natalia Turnova, Leonid Tskhe and others.

Participants of the exhibition at the AZ Museum: Ivan Gorshkov, Egor Koshelev, Maxim Svishchev.