Albemarle Gallery is proud to announce the launch of a two-part exhibition of calligraphy paintings by the highly esteemed Indian / Pakistan artist Jamil Naqsh. Entitled The Painted Word, the show will be held at the Albemarle Gallery, London throughout July and August 2013.

This recent body of work containing over 400 paintings, differs quite substantially from Jamil Naqsh’s earlier predominantly figurative paintings. This exhibition is intended to be the largest group of works ever produced by one artist in the history of this genre and represents Jamil’s personal interpretation of the Arabic script. The paintings are predominantly abstract, bold and imbued with vibrant colour and texture. Included in the exhibition Jamil has painted the 99 Names of God, along with 50 further works that represent verses in praise of God.

Accompanying the exhibition is a newly published hardback book also entitled The Painted Word with 416 colour illustrations. The text written by the eminent Art Historian Edward Lucie-Smith, focuses on calligraphy, with reference to ancient and contemporary scripts, with a detailed explanation of the concept of the 99 Names of God.

There will be 3 separate limited editions of this luxury publication: The Artist Edition | Limited to 50 cloth bound copies, each containing a signed original calligraphic work on paper and will be reserved as gifts to dignitaries (royalty, politicians, ambassadors, high commissioners, etc.). Each book is signed by the Artist. The Special Edition | Limited to 100 cloth bound copies, also containing a signed original calligraphic work on paper. Each book is signed by the artist and author Edward Lucie-Smith and The Standard Edition | Limited to 750 hardback copies.

The exhibition is sponsored by Habib Bank and supported by Asia House and the Rangoonwala Foundation and will take place in two parts:

Part I: 4-27 July 2013 | Albemarle Gallery
Featuring: The 99 Names of God | 50 Verses in Praise of God | Large & Small Calligraphic Canvases.

Part II: 1-31 August 2013 | Albemarle Gallery
Featuring: Large & Small Calligraphic Canvases | Works on Paper.

Part I continued: 8-31 August | Asia House
Featuring: The 99 Names of God | 50 Verses in Praise of God | Large & Small Calligraphic Canvases.

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