Over the past decade, Hang-Up has hosted over 20 exhibitions displaying works by over 50 artists. Hang-Ten will feature ten of their top artists, displaying exclusive new works to launch their upcoming birthday.

Expect to view unseen artworks by Banksy, Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers, Sir Peter Blake, kennardphillipps, Oddly Head, Lauren Baker, Joe Webb, Johnathan Reiner and Mark Powell.

These highly acclaimed artists have all played a fundamental role in building Hang- Up’s reputation and success, and have been an integral part of their journey.

Hang-Ten is a not only a celebration of ten successful years of Hang-Up, but a celebration of the relationships we have built with our artists, team and followers. Whether you want to swipe up some free giveaways and party with us and our artists at the launch, or settle into a cultural evening of intimate talks and workshops, Hang-Ten has something for everyone. No excuses - join us in blowing out our candles and celebrate in style for Hang-Ten.