Galeria Carles Taché is pleased to present the third individual exhibition of the Catalan artist Guillermo Pfa from May 17 to July 7.

The exhibition entitled ‘Over Easy’ will o er paintings of small, medium and large format made this past year. The inauguration will be attended by the artist.

With a clean and ne surface, Pfa ’s paintings elude the verse and the reverse of the pictorial space. ‘Over Easy’ (expression of culinary tradition) refers to the technique used to make a fried egg. The method is typical in American diners during breakfast time where an egg cooked “over easy” means that it gets fried on both sides, but it’s not cooked for very long on the second side, so the yolk doesn’t get cooked through and stays runny.

Guillermo Pfa is represented and has made individual exhibitions at Galeria Carles Taché in Barcelona and at the Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery in Madrid. He has also made group exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the United States.