Between the 28th of April and the 1st of July, bromer kunst is presenting an exhibition of the renowned German artist Thomas Röthel (*1969 Ansbach) at its Blockhaus Experimental Space. Steel sculptures and works on paper are placed amidst each other to emphasize Röthels characteristic play of contrasts between lightness and heaviness.

A group of seven small and medium-sized, massive steel sculptures placed on plinths are raised up prominently throughout the exhibition space. Röthel transforms heavy steel into delicate, seemingly fragile forms, which convey dynamism and lightness. His virtuous treatment of steel seems to defy its solidity, making the works appear flexible and soft. Monumental sculptures of the artist can also be seen in the outdoor areas and gardens of bromer kunst.

In an apparent opposition to the steel sculptures, six works on paper are presented within the exhibition. With the raw aesthetics of the white monochrome paper and the violent perforations of its surface, these works have more in common with the exhibited sculptures than they seem to at first sight.

Röthels playful, however precise and thought-through exploration of these two materials generates a distinctive palette of textures. These may vary between smooth, rough, velvety and grainy. Röthels sculptures invite the viewer to move through the show, in order to explore his works from different angles. This also allows the discovery of new perspectives and new associations regarding the works on paper.