From the 28. April on, bromer kunst presents a solo exhibition at its Blockhaus Experimental Space with works by Sam Drukker (*1957 Goes). Over 30 highly evocative paintings and drawings around the subject of the human figure give an insight into the artistic explorations of the Dutch artist, awarded with the prize of Artist of the Year by the Hermitage Amsterdam in 2011.

In the exhibition Sam Drukker – Figures at the Blockhaus Experimental Space, visitors are confronted with old testamentary, mythological and erotic themes, in which the human form plays a central role. By artistic means such as distorted perspectives, oversaturated colors and an expressive painting style, the artist creates evocative images, which lead into the inner world of the depicted individuals.

In opposition to the figurative representation of the characters, the backgrounds are schematized to the point of abstraction. Through this ambivalent relation between figures and background, the portrayed seem isolated and the suggestive expression of their emotions is amplified. Drukker often paints on unconventional mediums like weather-beaten sailcloth and old pieces of wood – surfaces with a history of their own, and thus adding a further layer of meaning to his works.