The artist Dimitra Charamandas has travelled a lot in the last four years. Her search for her personal origin drives her all over the world and again and again to Greece. After studio stays in Bogotà, Colombia, Athens and Graz, she was back in Greece in 2017.

There, the award-winning artist with Greek roots went in search of clues for six months. Walking through the topography of her second homeland, she discovered and explored the cornerstones of past and present Greece. As a collector of pictures, impressions and thoughts, Dimitra Charamandas captured what she found by drawing, photographing and writing. Her focus was on nature and the (human) interference with nature.

Her journey and the collection of material generated in this context are the starting point for the new works, in which human traces can only be guessed. With her independent visual language, which moves between representationalism and abstraction, Dimitra Charamandas not only deals with the interactions between man and his environment in terms of content, but also shows the limits of human scope for action in a painterly way, sometimes realistically-controlled, sometimes at the interface between organic and constructed.

Since graduating from the Lucerne Art School in 2013, the works of the artist, who was born in Solothurn in 1988, have been regularly shown in exhibitions in Switzerland and nearby countries. In 2013 she was awarded the "Förderpreis für bildende Kunst" of canton Solothurn, in 2017 she received the "Förderpreis Kunst" of Kurt und Barbara Alten foundation.