The Learner must be led always from familiar objects toward the unfamiliar, guided along, as it were, a chain of flowers into the mysteries of life. - Charles Willson Peale

Brand New Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Tails, American artist Egan Frantz's first one-person exhibition in Italy. On show five different types of artworks that range from baguette sculptures, arrows, fountains, decorative needles to a gouache of an elephant tail.

A visual artist's work is not purely philosophical and no one is entitled to take this designation. In the past it has been useful to consider what artists do in relation to philosophers’ ideas only in the name of attraction to rhetorical impasse.

Even great anti-philosophers such as psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan have been played into relation with Frantz' sculptures. His work, created through the assembly of pre-existing objects is to be taken to the letter, through the same procedures that regulate language.

Unlike philosophy and psychoanalysis, closely related to the transmission of knowledge, art is substantially concerned with the transmission of truth which is connected to objective reality. In the fruition process you already have the words to define what you are seeing, thus, expressing it out loud may or may not change how you have already been affecting the work, pointing out how the piece itself incorporates the artist’s intentions, without the need to be explained.

Apparently illogical, Egan Frantz’s works come from an extremely rational premeditated approach, in which the linguistic aspect becomes essential, in a calibrated philological and meticulously detailed contemplation. The artist entwines a spider-web connecting all of his works through considerations that verge towards absurdity.

Egan Frantz was born in 1986 in Connecticut, USA. He graduated from Hampshire College in 2009 under the advisory of the late poet Robert Seydel. Recent exhibitions include “Egan Frantz: Multiples” at Tilton Gallery in New York and "Room Temperature", Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles; “The Serial Poem 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6″ at Tomorrow, Toronto; and "Sequence 3" at Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York. Forthcoming exhibitions include Art Statements at ArtBasel.

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