In the spring of 2018, the Musée Rodin will be highlighting Rodin’s links to the world of dance with an exhibition featuring the famous “Dance Movements” series, never shown in the sculptor’s lifetime, and a selection of some fifty drawings.

Rodin’s fascination with dance will be illustrated by his encounters with the dancers of the time, such as Isadora Duncan, Loïe Fuller, the dancers of the Cambodian royal ballet and the Japanese dancer Hanako. A selection of outstanding works including sculptures, photographs, drawings and antiquities will immerse visitors in a world of grace and poetry.

Thanks to CCR group, patron of the 2018 season.

From the 1890s onward, the art of dance was transformed, with new experiences revolutionizing what was sometimes an urbane and codifi ed form of entertainment. Rodin’s keen interest in these innovations led him to meet such exceptional figures as Hanako and Loïe Fuller. A particular highlight was his encounter with the dancers of the Cambodian royal ballet during their visit to Paris to perform at the World’s Fair.

When they left, in the sculptor’s words, they “took the beauty of the world with them.” Inspired by his complicity with the shapers of this revolution, Rodin associated dance and sculpture, both of which explore the possibilities of the human body. He turned his attention to all forms of dance: regional and oriental folk dances, cabaret performances, outstanding contemporary dancers, and dance as it was practiced in Antiquity – an interest he shared with Isadora Duncan.