“Travelling to the unfamiliar, is the adrenalin shot required in an artist’s working life”, a statement by award winning artist, Jennifer McRae, and one she whole-heartily stands behind, evident with her upcoming show with Thackeray Gallery.

Travelling to Argentina, a vast and sprawling country of marked contrasts, Jennifer fills her compositions with rich culture and colour: from its people, colourful streets, and immense processions to the vibrant city that is Buenos Aires. The groupings within these series are integral to the flow of the work and the character of the project - shape, colour and interaction were essential in her travels, heightened by the fact that most of the work was created in situ.

Jennifer's work has been exhibited both in the UK & the US, and she has often used travel to find inspirations. Her work can be found in several public collections including the National Portrait Gallery, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Reading Museum amongst others, and is also included in private collections both in Europe and the US. Jennifer’s latest portrait commissions include Dame Judi Dench and Sir Chris Hoy.

Jennifer McRae is a Royal Scottish Academician and has been exhibiting with Thackeray Gallery since 2006, and has just completed her 3rd commission for the permanent collection of the National Portrait gallery, London of Baroness Gail Rebuck.