The CLUB is pleased to announce its new group exhibition "Defacement” curated by Amanda Schmitt. “Defacement” - e incisive attack which alters, spoils, or obfuscates the surface or original image and revalorizes a new form, reading or meaning.

New York based curator Amanda Schmitt has organized more than forty exhibitions, screenings and performances and garnered critical acclaim as an emerging socially-aware curator whose deliberate curations and re ection on the issues that burden contemporary society, as seen through art, have put her on the public spotlight.

Schmitt was also one of the women featured as the 2017 TIME Magazine “Person of e Year.” Inviting Amanda Schmitt as guest curator, THE CLUB introduces twelve contemporary artists through “Defacement”, and presents them in context alongside ideas of e "Situationist International,” was an intellectual, social and artistic organization active from 1957-1972 which included gures such as Asger Jorn and Guy Debord, among others.

The Situationists aimed to critique the evolving mass-consumerist society resulting from the globalizing force of capitalism. At the core of the exhibition is a re-reading of the strategy détournement, speci cally interpreting the concept of defacement. e exhibition includes painter Jacqueline de Jong, who was one the original members of “Situationist International,” Andy Warhol, whose use of repetition of silkscreened pop art negated the concept of preciousness and posed a question to our conception of value, and Gerhard Richter’s iconic “Over Painted Photos,” as well as other contemporary emerging and mid-career artists.

"Defacement" is formulated around ideas of the Situationists in order to reassess our current values in artistic creation, which even ve decades after the critical movement, witness the cycle of production, consumption, and waste at an untenable scale. e exhibition aims to illustrate the value of Defacement, investigate what surfaces when an artist defaces the surface, and how artists sacri ce the past to make way for the future.