Hugo Galerie is proud to present Winged Migration, a new collection of original paintings by Maltese artist Ġoxwa. After her successful show at Art Paris in April 2018 at the Grand Palais, in Paris, Ġoxwa returns to New York City for the first time after a four-year hiatus.

Winged Migration is an enticing body of work which unites an age-old technique with timeless subjects and contemporary relevance. Ġoxwa continues her exploration to create glimpses into a timeless world where past, present, and future are one. These new works are characterized by the attraction of Ġoxwa’s dynamic patterns of colors that are softened, intrepid, and winging away to an unknown destination.

The explorative relationship between the feminine presence and nature sails the migration on a journey, which the artist depicts in an elegant characterization style. Ġoxwa’s brushstrokes and color palette reveal the delicateness of angelic and candid silhouettes bringing up to light charming compositions. Her new body of work is also largely inspired by her travel cross-roads of the Mediterranean. Over the years she has developed a mature style, using oil, wax, and a palette knife on canvas. Her defined subjects are often surrounded by unclear backgrounds verging on abstraction; An insightful work unfolding the connection between discernment and nostalgia.

Ġoxwa, named from an ancient form of Josephine, grew up in Malta where she played in some of the world’s oldest freestanding buildings. However, she also experienced a very modern Malta. Ġoxwa’s entire life has been permeated by the coupling of the past and present. At the age of 19, she left Malta and studied art in London at The Saint Martin School of Art. She started exhibiting her paintings internationally after her award fellowship at the Cité International des Arts in Paris, and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Since then she has shown in various cities including Paris, New York, Strasbourg, and San Francisco. Ġoxwa currently resides in Paris, France and her exhibitions continue to draw crowds of admirers and collectors.