Modern Eden Gallery presents the first major solo exhibition from longtime gallery artist and frequent collaborator Akira Beard. Akira's emotive works convey his dedication to artistic expression, both as a means of communication and a path to clarity. His fluid and vibrant style is both furious and elegant, gestural yet understood, where each application of color is a thought—a spark.

‘Circles’ is a body of work inspired by a moment of realization I had during a period of loss. As I planned what actions to take with starting a new life I realized how I had stood in this spot several times before. A new beginning from the point of a new ending. Existence seemed an endless series of circles with gaining things only to lose them eventually and inevitably. It felt senseless to continue in the same direction knowing the outcome ahead. Asking myself if there were an alternative, it was as if a fork in the future’s road suddenly appeared. One path I was all too familiar with. In these difficult moments with involuntary life change, I had always dealt with it by running away. Denial, coping, distraction, and so forth. The other path was unknown. I had never been down it. Its direction was not away, but towards. Desperate enough, I went down this road less traveled. My life has never been the same since. The artworks presented in this show are just some of the pictures made from the journey on it.

Akira Beard is an artist living and working in Northern CA. Like the art itself, his professional practice stems from his ideas, beliefs and values. Akira's paintings are like tomes for the great spiritual teachers of the past, and also cleverly link contemporary culture with beautiful skills in portraiture. His work is relevant, moving, and powerful – truly spiritual, not upholding any outrageous or inhuman experiences but rather honoring the timeless power of what is here and now.