Chalton Gallery in alliance with KRSTO presents a solo show by the Mexican artist Isauro Huizar: El origen proviene de los límites. (The origin arises from the boundaries.)

When discussing the fair division of territorial portions, the limit usually acts as a determinant, provided mainly for it to distinguish the amount of space that a certain location occupies. Maybe everything we think, that is so solid and real, is our reality, and in fact, mostly space. Empty space, oscillating, filled transitorily by our random and chaotic humanity.

Isauro Huizar (b. 1985, Culiacán, Sinaloa) with a bachelor's degree in architecture (UDEM), he joined the SOMA Program (2014), his main tutors are some of the important artists of the generation of the 90s in Mexico (Luis Felipe Ortega, Minerva Cuevas, Eduardo Abaroa) who pushed the limits of his work in a critical and constructive way. He has presented his work at the University of California, Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, SOIL Gallery in Seattle, David B. Smith Gallery in Denver and Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Italy. And in Mexico at Casa Maauad, Bikini Wax, Pantalla Blanca, Casa Wabi and recently at Archivo DA next to artists with a longer career as Pedro Reyes.

He has also participated in Residencies such as the XII Femsa Biennial, Casa Wabi, Dedazo and Bien Urbain (France). His practice goes beyond artistic production and has carried out projects of Museography for CRGS, Biquini Wax and Archivo DA.