In combining drawing, weaving and other textiles techniques, Through-Line aims to highlight the resurgence of handmade works that artists create with yarn, pencil, crayon or oil stick.

The works themselves are diverse, with abstraction represented by the monochromatic grey drawing of Joaquín Boz and the colorful geometry in Altoon Sultan’s hooked rugs. The figure is present in varying styles as well— in Laylah Ali’s and Claire Milbrath’s elegant line drawings, in Camilo Restrepo’s large cartoon-filled drawing, in silhouette in Diedrick Brackens’ weaving, and in shaded form in Robyn O’Neil’s work.

Text, existing somewhere between abstraction and figuration, is central in the weaving and drawings by Kyle Goldbach, Mitsuko Brooks’ assemblage and the collage by Simon Evans™. What links these varied works, their through-line, is the focus on the handmade, the intimate and the personal.