Exhibiting: Rowan Corkill, Luis Bivar, Aqua Aura, Vemo Hang, Giuseppe La Spada, Edoardo Romagnoli, Francesca Belgiojoso, Caroline Gavazzi, Niccoló Aiazzi, Pasquale De Sensi, Simone Bubbico, Mathilde Nardone

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

(Albert Einstein)

What may emerge as the most important insight of the twenty-first century is that man was not designed to live at the speed of light. Without the countervailing balance of natural and physical laws, the new video related media will make man implode on himself.

(Marshall McLuhan)

At Luisa Catucci Gallery we strive to foster awareness not only of the fundamental role of nature as

inspiration for art, beauty, poetry, harmony, spirituality, and all what is nourishment for the soul, but also of environmental changes caused by the unnatural speed with which our society pretends to run. By engaging viewers in unexpected visual hypotheses, Natura Mirabilis offers a novel lense through which to consider the impact of human action on our planet.

What we call Earth, Nature, and the Universe can never be contained in an artwork, a combination of

artworks, a word, or a combination of words. Nevertheless, with this group exhibition we want to pay homage to the magnificence of nature by presenting the works of different artists who in their own ways, have been strongly charmed by the infinite beauty of the Nature we are part of.

Through a variety of different mediums such as painting, collage, photography, video, and sculpture, the works presented in this exhibition are concerned with the importance of our interconnectedness to the natural world, while also proposing new ways for us to co-exist with it.

Man and nature, form and spirit, might be interrelated expressions of one all-encompassing whole, and we can all reach our own understanding of this wholeness by looking “deep into nature,” as

Albert Einstein once suggested. Each moment provides us with an opportunity to learn from nature, to appreciate the splendour of it all, and to approach a deeper level of understanding of universal order.

But without a tolerable planet to live on, where would we be? How else might we be experiencing life? Since the turn of the Millennium, world concern over environmental issues, such as pollution, global warming, species depletion, and new genetic technologies has increased.

Artists have been increasingly answering collective cultural needs and developing active and practical roles in environmental and social issues.. With Natura Mirabilis we want to inaugurate the first of a series of exhibition, that we will develop during the years, to contribute to a new global ecological conscience.