Doodle & Disegno is a group exhibition gathering over 100 works on paper from over 25 contemporary artists, demonstrating the endless possibilities of this humble and familiar artistic surface.

A blank sheet of paper invites expression and experimentation; it’s an open space which retains its appeal to artists as they explore new ideas. Encompassing works from elaborate pencil drawings to a quick splash of ink, this exhibition examines the importance of paper in the practice of contemporary artists.

The exhibition features works by: Avigdor Arikha; Agathe de Bailliencourt; Ali Banisadr; Marius Bercea; Gabriella Boyd; Jonas Burgert; Enrique Martinez Celaya ; Jake & Dinos Chapman; Lynn Chadwick; Francesco Clemente; Alex Dordoy; Amy Feldman; Rachel Howard; Joanna Kirk; Ed Moses; Pietro Ruffo; Sean Scully; Chiharu Shiota; Michael Simpson; Joan Snyder; Bosco Sodi; John Stezaker; Henning Strassburger; Liliane Tomasko; Nasan Tur; Bernar Venet; Bill Viola; Tim Noble and Sue Webster and Lawrence Weiner.