The exhibition “Time of Change. The Drawing of the Mid-19th Century” is the fourth one of the “Artist and Time” cycle, which is carried out in the halls of graphic arts within the framework of the program “The Tretyakov Gallery Opens its Vaults.” It will continue to introduce the 19th-century drawing to the Gallery patrons.

The exhibition is dedicated to the most interesting period in 19th-century art — the dramatic change in esthetic aspirations and tastes that occurred in the 1860s, from the Revolt of the Fourteen and establishment of the Cooperative Association of Artists to the foundation of the Association of Travelling Art Exhibits. The faces of the “holy sixties,” preferred motifs for the works, most popular genres, peculiarities of the comprehension of drawing, areas of the application of graphic arts are the main topics of the exhibition that help create a characteristic portrait of that memorable and short-lived “first thaw,” a period of hopes and expectations, which is virtually unknown to the general public and eclipsed, in the eyes of scholars, by the tumultuous events of the subsequent era of the Itinerants.

The exhibition will feature works by V.G. Perov, I.N. Kramskoy, N.V. Nevrev, P.M. Shmelkov, I.M. Pryanishnikov, N.A. Yaroshenko, V.M. Maksimov, G.G. Myasoyedov. In total, the show will include about 200 works.