The show foregrounds the unique versatility of Paul Klee’s work and his delight in experimenting with new techniques and materials. Besides showing his famous masterpieces, the Zentrum Paul Klee is also mounting pictures that the public has hitherto only seldom had access to. The presentation displays an astounding diversity of painting techniques, unique puppets, the artist’s famous angels as well as Klee rarities.

The exhibition is showcasing the versatility of Paul Klee’s oeuvre with a selection of some 200 works of art from the collection. Klee went through a long process of artistic self-awareness – enhanced by a strong inclination for experimentation – on his path to painting and his use of colour. Klee was not only a visionary in his visual imagery but likewise experimented with a great diversity of artistic techniques, tools, and media. His exceptional painting techniques are explained in more detail in the context of the painting utensils from his studio and in presentations.

The Zentrum Paul Klee is the only institution worldwide that carries out appraisals and issues certificates of authenticity for works by Klee. Cosmos Klee supplies, for the first time, answers to the questions related to the issues of fakes, art forgery, copy, imitation, and non-registered artworks.