The Sozzani Foundation presents "Salvador Dalí, Jean Clemmer, un incontro, un’opera" in collaboration with the Jean Clemmer Archives. The exhibition consists of two sections: forty unpublished prints with the enlargements of rare contact sheets and the photographs of the scenes from the short movie "Le Divin Dalí", which the archive Jean Clemmer, directed by Hélène Clemmer Heidsieck, collected and preserved over the years.

The encounter between Salvador Dalí (Figueres, 1904 - 1989) and the Swiss photographer Jean Clemmer (Neuchâtel, 1926 - Paris, 2001), took place in 1962 when they began to create together some series of photographs entitled "mises en scène" and " tableaux vivants ". These works were born in the house where Dalí lived with Gala, his muse and wife, at Port Lligat, a small fishing village on the Spanish Costa Brava.

In August 1962, upon Dalí’ suggestion, Clemmer brought Ginesta, a young girl just known, as the subject of a first shooting that marked the beginning of their long friendship and professional collaboration.