GR Gallery is pleased to present “Super Matter”, a cutting edge solo show featuring the urban art collaborative duo ASVP, revealing for the first time a completely new body of artworks. The show will unveil 18 fresh works including paintings, prints and site specific installation, expressly designed for this event and manufactured to throw the viewer into a mesmerizing cosmos defined by bright colors and bits and pieces of recognizable icons, inserted in a mysterious context that stimulates our curiosity.

“Super Matter” aims to investigate and present for the first time in a solo show the latest artistic output of this internationally known and brilliant artistic duo, who is not simply characterized by a strong Urban Art and New Pop Culture influence, but is dare enough to go beyond these boundaries and, through a witty and outermost visual aesthetic, break down the restriction among the familiar and the unknown. ‘Super Matter' is also the title of this new body of work that can be best described as Pop Abstract Expressionisnm aka ‘PopAbEx’. The new imagery breaks down the omnipotent institutions and individuals into something new and unconstrained. It takes familiar elements of super heroes and icons and reimagines them as shapes of expressive energy with dynamic strokes, bold colors and movement.

For this hip new project, ASVP prepared a startling plan, redesigning GR gallery’s visual layout through bulky and colorful wall paintings, and other unanticipated operations, that will strongly impact the visitor and fully match the outline of the new artworks. Another innovative addition uncovered in this is show, will reveal few selected artworks designed with same concept but rearranged in a star-like shape, ancestral symbol with countless cultural references.

ASVP is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Simon Grendene and Victor Anselmi, founded in 2008. They are best known for creating graphic images with nods to advertising, pop and comic book culture, juxtaposed with layers of organic abstraction. A combination of painting and print making remain central to their approach.

The duo creates paintings, murals and silk-screen posters containing a mixture of bold typographic elements and bright colors. ASVP’s artwork has been featured internationally in auction houses and galleries including; Doyle New York’s Annual Contemporary Sale, Digard Paris, Art Basel Festival in Switzerland & Miami, and Dallas Contemporary among others. ASVP also frequently collaborate with major brands such as Spotify which commissioned them to create 25 large-scale murals throughout the organization’s 97,000 sq. ft. New York City headquarters.

They have also collaborated with the legendary French fashion label, Agnès b., to create a limited collection of garments which sold out internationally. The team has also worked with Nike, Spike TV, Fabergé, Qualcomm, Gibson USA, and VH1. Recent large-scale works and interior installations include the Columbia College’s Wabash Arts Corridor in Chicago, The City of Basel Switzerland and the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.