Galerie Mehdi Chouakri is pleased to host Galleria Franco Noero, Turin, for the occasion of the exhibition Painting and Resting with works by artists Andrew Dadson and Martino Gamper. The two distinct contemporary positions bridge notions of categorisation within the field of art — painting synthesises with sculpture while art and design coalesce.

The paintings by Andrew Dadson (1980, British Columbia, Canada) belong to the artist’s Re-strech series in which he restretches the primary painting onto a second larger stretcher. With their thick sculptural frames of paint, the works are intensely physical. The often vividly colourful frame-like outside edges of the works are achieved by layers of oil and acrylic paint, alongside occasional organic materials, such as soil or mulch. Dadson explores the relationship between painting and the surrounding physical world by experimenting with painting’s foundational components (colour, texture, medium, and support). His large painting »Blue Ground« shows characteristic masses of dried oil and acrylic paint that define and hang off the peripheral edges of the canvas. Paint is manipulated as a physical thing in its own right rather than a material employed to present motifs or narratives.

Emphasizing the art of handcrafting objects in his practice, and frequently departing from established conventions of symmetry and expectation, Martino Gamper (1971, Merano, Italy) is widely acclaimed for his unconventional approach to design. His wall-mounted double backrest is a discreet and humorous sculptural work — its function as an alternative resting opportunity only becomes apparent when leaned against. In 2007, Gamper’s exhibition 100 Chairs in 100 Days showed 100 reconfigured and previously abandoned chairs that he had rescued over a two-year period and recrafted within 100 days. In using recycled materials and pre-used furniture to create new works reflective of this process, Martino Gamper’s practice is defined by an interest in the social aspect of furniture making. Three unique and sculptural stoneware and wood vases complement the furnitures within the gallery space.

Andrew Dadson lives and works in Vancouver. The artist has had numerous solo and group exhibitions at renowned galleries and institutions, including Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (2017), Galleria Franco Noero (2017) and the Rennie Collection, Vancouver (2016). In 2011 he won the Brink Award.

Martino Gamper has been living and working in London since 1998. His works have been widely exhibited, most recently at the Modern Institute at Pollock House, Glasgow (2017), the Sir John Soane Museum, London (2016), and MIMOCA, Marugame, Japan (2015). In addition to various other awards, Gamper won the 2011 Moroso Award for Contemporary Art, and in 2008 he received the Furniture Award for 100 Chairs in 100 Days.