Rosenberg & Co. is proud to present the group exhibition, Five Contemporary Artists, featuring Brendan Stuart Burns, Maureen Chatfield, Tom John, Diane Love, and Michael Vaughan. Burns and Vaughan hail from the UK, while Chatfield, John, and Love are all based in or near New York City.

Each of these artists utilizes their chosen media to create abstract explorations of subjects that captivate them. Brendan Stuart Burns applies pastel and iridescent oil paints with gentle dabs, circling movements, and broad smears to replicate the changing colors and moods of Wales’s Pembrokeshire Coast. Maureen Chatfield’s geometric forms and gestural paintings offer resplendent abstractions of the tranquil wilderness surrounding the artist’s studio and home in rural New Jersey. Michael Vaughan creates schematic landscapes using reductive shapes and an aerial view to depict people in their environments, while Tom John’s paintings give him the freedom to create shapes that encompass his past set designs and architectural drawings. Interested in the idea of embracing chance, Diane Love’s assembled collages reveal relationships through seemingly disparate objects and ideas, while her experimentations with light and color create unexpected results in her works.

While the work of these artists is distinct from one another’s, their commitment to abstraction and experimentations with media reveal an interest and foundation in Modernism. Exhibiting Contemporary art follows in the Rosenberg legacy of working with living artists. Rosenberg & Co. is delighted to continue our valued relationship with each of these exceptional artists, and welcomes you to this show.