Blindspot Gallery is delighted to present “Happily Ever After II”, the second iteration of our summer group exhibition featuring works by Lo Lai Lai Natalie and Cheng Yin Ngan, two practising artists from last year's exhibition "Happily Ever After", as well as five fresh graduates of BA programme, Chau Lok Yan Cathy, Chuk Yin Man Edwin, Tam Cheuk Lam Jessie, Wong Chun Kit Louis, and Yau Lok Yi Rose, from Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The ensemble ranges in materials and approaches, including painting, mixed media, installation, video and photography. By showing fresh graduates alongside practising artists who completed their academic training a year ago, the exhibition articulates a balance between perseverance and growth, continuity and change.

The two returning artists from “Happily Ever After” will showcase their latest works, reflecting recent developments in their art practice. Lo Lai Lai Natalie, who is a farmer and an artist, fuses the episteme of plant intelligence into the techné of image and video making in a new series of hand-coloured black-andwhite photographs titled The Circadian Clock, as well as a time-lapse and drone-shot video titled A Continuous Colouring Game. Alluding to cryptochrome, a lightsensitive pigment that directs the living pattern of plants, the artist engages in a vibrant colouring game that is likened to the self-generative and problemsolving intelligence of plants. Cheng Yin Ngan continues with the making of large abstract oil paintings, drawing inspiration and recurring motifs from daily and childhood surroundings. In her depiction of an airplane traversing the city sky, the artist induces the multifarious sensations of aviation, including the kiddy wonder of flying and the expansiveness in face of the novelty of the unknown.