The Scottish Gallery is delighted to present a special edition of our Modern Masters series for the Edinburgh Art Festival which reflects the diverse range of artists that have graced The Gallery’s walls past and present.

Highlights include the masterpiece Luxembourg Gardens by SJ Peploe which is beautifully contrasted by the much earlier example of Dean Village, Edinburgh. Breezy Day by FCB Cadell was recently acquired from the much-publicised Harrison collection and we have paintings by Elizabeth Blackadder from four different decades and unusual examples by Victoria Crowe, John Houston and Robin Philipson. We welcome back the monumental Three Sisters of Lucca by Alberto Morrocco which was the centrepiece of his Festival exhibition at The Gallery in 1986.

The Gallery acknowledges that 2018 marks the centenary of the end of WWI and 100 years of women’s suffrage and to mark these special events, we have included two short chapters paying tribute to three artists who survived the War in Adam Bruce Thomson, Cadell and William Gillies as well as a short history of The Gallery’s role in supporting women artists. We have represented women artists since the 1890’s; gallery director Peter McOmish Dott began a series of exhibitions curated by The Gallery which saw the inclusion of women as equals alongside their male counterparts.