Our Postgraduate Summer Show represents Anise Gallery’s pick of graduates this year. Chosen from London’s notable art schools, the selected artists offer an exceptional showcase of today’s talent.

Recent Royal College of Art graduate Minho Kwon’s drawings are an example of superb craftsmanship. The intricacy is similar to that of an architect’s blueprint, the result is a construction of beauty. In his series of drawings ‘The Neo Arts and Crafts Movement’, Minho reminisces to the days of hand-crafted objects, evoking a feeling of nostalgia in the viewer. A re-construction of aesthetic value that was only last week awarded runner up in the V&A Illustration awards 2013. His most recent work, still under construction, is his interpretation of The Tower of Babel. Exacting representations of architecture from the Classical and Medieval through to the Industrial and Modern periods come together to epitomize man’s eternal drive to God.

Chelsea graduate Helen Young plays with the changeability of the built environment through representation. Citing Arthur Tress as one of her inspirations, Helen manipulates the environment to create new, otherworldly spaces. Her images on first glance are unsettling and unexpected. In challenging the medium she questions how we look at an image; encouraging us to ascertain our relation to the work and the false reality it creates.

By pushing the boundaries of painting as a means of expression, St Martin’s graduate Oscar Lett produces aesthetically fascinating paintings that intrigue the viewer. The materials and techniques used in Oscar’s paintings are as important as the subject itself, often depicting a particular feeling or experience. Drawing inspiration from the immediate environment, Oscar’s work often embodies symbolic elements that together produce beautifully crafted coherent paintings.

With an aim of nurturing emerging talent and cultivating new ideas, especially around the concept of uniting art and architecture, Anise Gallery supports the future diversity in artistic interpretation.

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